By Leaps & Bounds: Barriers to Navigating Early Childhood

Our guest is Jenn Harrod, Client Services Manager, Health Net of West Michigan
Being a parent or caregiver is no easy task! This is especially true for expectant parents, seasoned parents, and caregivers of young children as they work to advocate for the needs of their household and for their children.

Families strive to provide an environment where their children have every opportunity to grow and succeed, but there can be multiple barriers that can make this goal challenging. Everything from inequitable access to housing, education, mental health care, and transportation contribute to these challenges.

Health Net of West Michigan is a local nonprofit, dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the social services systems, focusing on the strengths of each client and family with the goal of equipping families with the tools they need to feel empowered in their journey toward seeking resources.

Here to discuss is Jenn Harrod, Client Services Manager with Health Net of West Michigan. For more information, check out the Normal Was Never Enough Blog or visit