MPWRD Business names Influential Awards nominees

The MPWRD Business Magazine Influential Awards recognize the Hispanic, Asian Pacific, Black and Indigenous Native Americans (HABI+) in our community that are shaping culture, community, business and humanity in Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

MPWRD Business Magazine and the Influential Awards were founded and are owned by Two Eagles Marcus, Tiwa Puebloan Indigenous Native American Pueblo of Taos, who also publishes Women’s LifeStyle Magazine.

“Grand Rapids has a diverse cultural and ethnic makeup that contributes to the economy and social fabric of our community and there are limited opportunities for recognition in media and awards events for Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific and Indigenous Native Americans and not one that includes all groups collectively,” Marcus said. “The sustainability of the United States and West Michigan economies are dependent on the economic development of Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific and Indigenous Native American populations in entrepreneurship and leadership. The time to recognize, support, encourage and invest in us is now.”