By Leaps & Bounds: Prenatal Care & Social Determinants of Low Birth Weight

Receiving early and regular care throughout pregnancy is incredibly important for both mother and baby, as preterm birth and low birth weight put babies at an increased risk of developing cognitive, emotional, and physical health issues. Babies weighing above 5.5 pounds at birth are considered to be “born healthy.”

Across Michigan, about 8.5% of babies are born underweight (CDC), and communities of color are disproportionally impacted with rates for black and Latinx moms at a six-year high. Recognizing the need to create paths to overcoming the social determinants of health, local programs are supporting moms to improve these outcomes for babies.

Courtney Hilbert, CNM, MSN, Director of APP Services for Women’s Health and Chair of the Centering Pregnancy Program at Spectrum Health, and Kiara Baskin, Founder and CEO of Bump to Birth Doula Services are here to discuss. For more information, visit: , or