Statement of Support

Yesterday, an integral part of our Health Net team and Grand Rapids community, Brandon Reyes, along with a family member, was taken into custody by ICE officials on his way to work. Brandon is a Dreamer and was awaiting renewal of his DACA status. He is a community activist, organizer, and leader who bravely fights for fair and just treatment and policies to protect undocumented immigrants.

Dedicated to health equity for all, Health Net of West Michigan is embedded in the Grandville neighborhood and serves community members with varying statuses. We stand in solidarity with Brandon and his family, and our neighbors who face the uncertainty of being ripped from their families and communities in which they contribute to, work, and live.

We denounce actions that jeopardize safety, families, and individuals’ opportunity to contribute to the fabric of a nation founded by immigrants. We call on our partners and leaders to display their unwavering commitment to undocumented immigrants in our community by providing services, resources and support to all, regardless of status. To support Brandon and his family in this uncertain time, please contribute at