FitKids360 is a seven-week healthy lifestyle program for children ages 5 to 17 and their parents or support partners. This program combines basic education about nutrition, behavior and exercise with a wide range of physical activities to help participants develop healthy habits, eat better and become more active.

Created by Dr. Tom Peterson, along with Healthier Communities, First Steps, Forest Hills Pediatrics, Priority Health, and Reagan Marketing + Design, FitKids360 is a childhood obesity intervention program that fills an important need in the community. Initiated with a pilot program in 2010 at Forest Hills Pediatric Clinic, FitKids360 has benefited hundreds of children and their families, and continues to grow rapidly.

The FitKids360 program has expanded since its initial pilot to increase the number of class offerings, locations and populations served. FitKids360 has adapted materials to use with adolescents and Spanish speaking populations. FitTeens360 and FitKids360 en Español are available at some of the FitKids360 locations.

Many sites have developed opportunities for graduates to participate after the completion of FitKids360 to reinforce lessons learned throughout the program. One opportunity offered at the Grand Rapids and Detroit locations is a summer “walk to run” program called On The Move. Contact the site closest to you for information about which FitKids360 programs are offered.

FitKids360 is:

  • Free and fun
  • Created and led by local health experts
  • Run at various sites throughout the greater Grand Rapids area and nationwide
  • A collaborative community effort

FitKids360 provides:

  • Free transportation resources if needed
  • Weekly incentives
  • Prizes at the end of the program
  • Healthy snacks
  • Weekly phone calls
  • Continuous opportunities after the program ends

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