Information for Providers

Why FitKids360?

For a quick overview of the program, take a look at our provider brochure and family brochure in English and Spanish.

What are the requirements to take part in the program?

  • Children ages 5 to 17 are eligible.
  • BMI at or above the 85th percentile
  • Parent or guardian must accompany child to each class including orientation
  • All self-referrals must go through a physician or healthcare provider
  • Siblings may attend without a referral

What does the program include?

  • FitKids360 offers families expert help from local professionals
  • Orientation + 6-week program
  • Meet once a week for 2 hours
  • Based on Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Healthy Counts 8-0
  • Family-based programming
  • Goal setting with guidance of trained community volunteers and Michigan State University medical students
  • Classes taught by registered dietitians, social workers and exercise physiologists
  • 30+ minutes of exercise built into each class, including games, Zumba, yoga, etc.

How can I refer a patient to the program?

The referral process is simple.

  1. Physician identifies a patient who is appropriate for the FitKids360 program
  2. Physician, nurse, or staff talks with the family and explains the program
  3. Physician, nurse, or staff fills out the referral form completely
  4. Completed referral form is faxed to the FitKids360 program coordinator
  5. FitKids360 program coordinator assigns referred children to upcoming classes

FitKids360 Referral Info PCP
FitKids360 Referral Form

What happens after the program has concluded?

FitKids360 provides follow-up and continuous opportunities for engagement

  • Report cards showing the changes that were achieved in the program are sent to parents and the PCP
  • PCP follows up with the participant
  • Upon completing FitKids360 program families can take part in On the Move

What are the outcomes from the program?

Learn more about our outcomes, publications and abstracts on the FitKids360 outcomes page