FitKids360 Outcomes

FitKids360 is an outcomes-based program encouraging healthy behavior changes for children and their families. Demonstrated below are some are the positive impacts the program has made thus far in the lives of our participants:

  • 73% retention rate
  • 72% of participants decreased TV viewing time
  • 43% of participants who watched more than 2 hours of TV a day watched less than 2 hours at completion of the program
  • 60% of participants increased their moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • 57% of participants increased their fruit and vegetable intake
  • 46% of participants decreased their junk food intake
  • 76% of participants maintained healthy habits post program
  • 80% of participants show no change or decreased their BMI trajectory
  • 100% of families said they learned important information
  • 100% of families would recommend FitKids360 to other families

For more in-depth information, check out FitKids360’s publications and abstracts.

Publications and Abstracts

"FitKids360: Design, Conduct, and Outcomes of a Stage 2 Pediatric Obesity ProgramJournal of Obesity 2014 

Changes in Health Behaviors, Body Composition, and Physical Fitness during FitKids360 On The Move- Abstract

Evaluation of Behavioral and Anthrometric Outcomes 1 Year after FitKids360: a Community Based Pediatric Obesity Program- Abstract