Community Healthcare Access Program (CHAP)

Who are we?

The Community Healthcare Access Program (CHAP) assists adults and children to maintain their health and understand how to navigate the healthcare system, thus reducing costs and improving health outcomes. The program provides connection to community resources, case management and addresses social determinants of health (SDoH). CHAP is open to adults and children who have Priority Health Medicaid or uninsured.

If you have questions or concerns navigating the healthcare system please contact us at 616-726-8204, we can help!

Here’s how we can help:

  • Connection to community resources
  • Explore healthcare coverage options
  • Finding a doctor or clinic
  • Free transportation for same day or next day sick visits. Please call (616) 632-1015 to arrange transportation. For more information, visit the transportation page.

Eligibility requirements:

If you have questions regarding eligibility for CHAP services please call 616-726-8204.

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