Acting with compassion, caring, and sensitivity

We address health and health-related matters with compassion, caring, and sensitivity.

Honoring diversity and respecting cultural differences

We recognize and embrace the differences that make each person unique. We appreciate the diversity of our community and staff and seek to include differing points of view in all that we do.

Striving for health equity

We aim to assist individuals with getting access to adequate, fair, and dignified healthcare through advocacy, education, and empowerment.

Empowering individuals

We work with each person to help him or her realize their own ability to take charge of their health.

Educating self and others

We pursue continuous learning so that we can provide high-quality services and educate clients and others in our community about health issues, health needs, and effective methods to improve and maintain health.

Maintaining a positive workplace

We strive to keep our workplace positive to encourage affirmative interactions with other staff and members of the community and to help us work, learn, and grow together.

Working together to achieve individual and community health goals

We know that we cannot be successful without the efforts of others and we credit achievements to our combined actions.

Making issues known and offering solutions

We advocate, on every level, for those we serve in order to improve their healthcare access and experience.

Showing respect to others

We demonstrate respect by appreciating individuals' uniqueness, having concern for others' well-being, offering our time and attention, welcoming honest and open discourse, recognizing others' points of view, and being supportive.

Acting with integrity

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the ethical standards of honesty, fairness, professionalism, and compliance with the law so that we can prove ourselves worthy of trust.